Having just began to live
I got tired with my life
I have lost what I was
Looking for in this world

Tiredness and pain I feel
all the best of life I've seen
So I leave this world to be free

Reflections of strange drawings
Are flying inside of me
Pale reminiscences of mine after-death
Or long before my birth

I've been dead for millions years
My real Present is the past
Rebuced to bust a corpse I am
Yet I am not born

I'm alive - reflection is dead
Life illusion end
As the circle is closed, my life begins

Feel the cold pride
Of indifference
No more pain...

When the wind blows away
The vanity of a sullen vague day
I feel in my dark soul
The reflection of the night
That takes me up high
Pain is so sweet...
As still water in dark fathoms

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