Ain't got nobody,

Check this out baby
Tenemos tremendo lio
Last night you didn't go
A la casa de tu tio (huh?)
Resulta ser hey you were at a party
Higher than the sky
Emborrachada de bacardi (no i wasn't)
I bet you didn't know
Que conocia al cantinero (what?)
He told me you were drinking
And wasting my dinero
Talking about
Come in and enjoy
What a women gives an hombre
(but first of all see, i have to know your nombre)
But i really wanna ask ya que si es verdad (would i
And please por favor tell me la verdad
Cause i really need to know, yeah
Necesito entender if you're gonna be a player
Or be my mujer
Cause right now you're just a liar
A straight mentirosa (who me?)
Today u tell me something
Y manana es otra cosa

Ain't got nobody,

I remember the day que tu me decias
Time and time again que tu me querias (i do)
And at the time hey yo te creia
Porque no sabia that u were a relambia
Con fulanito y menganito, joseito y fernandito,
Larry and joey y then his brother chico (uh uh)
Mucho que frentera that's a straight skeezer
Si quieres un pedazito go her way
Cause she's a pleaser
But i tell ya straight up porque brother me di de
That on main street her cuerpo estaba a la venta
Now get some el que quiera
Get some cualquiera
Hey yo she don't care man
She's a tremenda fiera
Yeah you're hot to trying how to get what i got
Pero ya que te conozco what i got i guess not
Cuz just a mentirosa con tu lengua venenosa
Today u tell me something, y manana es otra cosa

Mellow-"girl, i can't believe it.
You know, my mother's talking about me,
My friends are talking about me. not me about you."
Girl-"about me?"
Mellow- "you're nothing but a skeezer"
Girl- "a skeezer? don't be calling me no skeezer!"
Mellow-"tu tienes mucho flojera mami si, uh huh, la
Girl- "uh huh. eso es lo que tu te crees."
Mellow-"i bet you go to church and you're scared to
Girl-"no, i do confess baby. i do confess."
Mellow-"uh huh. do you tell the truth, though?"
Girl-"yeah i do."
Mellow-"yeah right."
Girl-"do you?"
Mellow-"yeah! you're nothing but a skeezer you know
I got some other stories to say about you. and it goes
Like this."

Un dia estaba en tu casa y ring there goes the phone
Recogiste y dijiste ("call me back, i'm not alone.")
El queria tu direccion, yeah just your address
Y antes que colgaste i heard u say ("i'll wear a
Alabao que descarada is what ran through my mind
So i say lets go out tonight", she says ("we go out
All time.")
"oh, oh man!"
Ella no sabia that yo i knew her plan,
De que iba a salir with that other man
So i told the girl in spanish i said "hey ya me voy."
(pero porque?)
Cause you ain't treating me like i'm some sucker toy
Cause who needs u anyways (i need you!)
Con tu lengua venenosa (no te vayas mellow, no te
Vayas! yo te necesito!)
Today you tell me something y manana es otra cosa
(tsk! but?!)

Ain't got nobody...

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