Is this a dream
Or is this really happening for real?
Am i awake
Or am i just imagining it's real?
Somebody tell me now
Cuz everything is too surreal
Yeah yeah, it's just too good for me

How can i explain the way i'm really feeling
I cannot contain emotions that are burning
It's all up to me to let it all break free
I'm not gonna hold back no more, no more...

* jump jump jump, get up now!
It's time for me to jump and scream aloud, everybody
Dance dance dance, c'mon now!
I need to get my groove on as i shout, and i gotta
Move move move some more!
Cuz no one's gonna stop or break my flow, so i'm gonna
Shine shine shine tomorrow!
I'm gonna find my way, cuz i'm ready to go
Ready to go!

Now let me take your hand
And we can fall into a trance
Then you and i could walk
Into the city of romance
Something i gotta feel
I'll put my heart into the dance
Yeah yeah, we can celebrate

I cannot let go, it's what i'm really wanting
I've been waitin' long, i know my luck is rising
It's all up to me, now i can clearly see
I'm not gonna hold back no more, no more....

* repeat

How can i explain this feeling
I cannot contain it all...

* repeat

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