* Na na na na na he won't stay with you
Leave you for another is what he's gonna do
Na na na na na soon you'll be alone
Before we had each other but now you're on your own

When I first met you we were only ten
Someone to hang with you were my best friend
Always together from the very start
I trusted you and that's the hardest part

But now it's different girl its plain to see
I'm just a victim of your jealousy
I won't forget it and I won't pretend
Won't overlook it girl this is the end

** Cause you were frontin' and wantin'
Now I understand
You were dreamin' and scheamin'
Trying to make your plan
Girl you're trifling and stifling
And I just can't stand
The way you're playing, betraying
I saw you with my man

** repeat

I shoulda known it shoulda seen fit,crht through
I shoulda seen the way he looked at you
I shoulda noticed when he touched your hand
How could you do it girl he was my man

So now you got it feels like victory
But don't forget it girl that I won't be
The one to listen when you're crying on the phone
The one to listen when he leaves you all alone

** repeat
* repeat

Thought we'd be friends forever
Even through pain and strife
Thought we'd always be together
Best friends for life
Girl you are just... Oh......


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