She wants my way to feel
And I cut my teeth
It's more nine hundred miles
Oh, I got no more me
Well you can make my teeth grind
You can make my underworld
IT's a bit done well now
It's a big dark hell
You sit and watch out for your tails
Like a poison sold on demand
Like a hard chance
Like a pig tail
I walked my self away
Well, baby I'm talked about
And I felt it grow
She makes you undefiled now
And she'll clean my nose
I looked so Peaceul
I looked so underworld
I ain't got no mind, but
I ain't got no tail
You looked like such a worthy man
Like a sinner tossed on the wind
Like a hard sell
Like I've passed on
Like a willow thrown away!
On signs I'll walk down for the way
Like a poison sold on demand
Like a Hard sell
Like I'm set down
Like the well on goes away!!!!!!
The band now sings new lyrics when they play this one live, and they seem to be about heroin and their dead pal Kurt...

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