An oil town that really had it's boon during the heart of the depression
And Bakersfield also destined to become somewhat of a center for country music
And even as back as the early 50's it began to gain national recognition
For the popularity of songs like Dear John Letter Ferlin Husky's Gone
And a string novelity hits from Leonard Sipes or better known as Tommy Collins
Country music is a profession in Bakersfield
And like all other professions whether it be that of a Doctor
Or a Scientist or a steady ditch digger
Everyone seems to have a particular someone who offered that helping hand
At the right time
And country music is no exception
But in Bakersfield that same helping hand kept reachin' out time after time
To different people such as Jeanne Sheppard Ferlin Husky Tommy Collins
Buck Owens Billy Mize Herb Henson Merle Haggard and also Red Simpson
Who saw reason to compose this song called Bill Woods From Bakersfield
Bill here's to you

Let me tell you all a story bout a guitar pickin' man
To me he is the greatest picker in the land
He's taught me how to play in G and he taught me how to sing in key
Bill Woods from Bakersfield the Bakersfield guitar man

Well Bill gave old Buck the first job he ever had
Bill must've been a good teacher cause old Buck didn't do too bad
He sets up there chewin' his ole cigar playin' Wildwood Flower on his guitar
Bill Woods from Bakersfield the Bakersfield guitar man

Well Bill never hit it big but he didn't miss it far
And in my book he'll always be considered a star
I followed him and he taught me guitar pickin' and harmony
Bill Woods from Bakersfield the Bakersfield guitar man

When the roll is called up yonder and we've all met our quest
I bet he'll be chosen to pick there with the best
Up there with his gold guitar well things're right Bill will be a star
Bill Woods from Bakersfield the Bakersfield guitar man

Well everybody loves old Bill cause he's quite a man
And if anybody should need some help well he'll sure lend you a hand
There's one more thing I'd like to say before my story's through
Bill Woods from Bakersfield we're all proud of you

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