[ instrumental ]
They's some of you in the audience that may or may not know I wasn't actually born here in Muskogee
But my family on my mother's side lived here for many years
And I think most all of my dad's folks were born in between here and Checotah somewhere
And around Brush Hill you know where Brush Hill or Kneebow Mountain or somewhere over
And I've heard 'em talk so many times about it that when I finally began to tour on the road
We made a special plan to come through here and kinda look around and see where they used to live
And Muskogee was a word and town that I've heard about ever since I was knee high
And the fact that Oklahoma for some reason or another has been able to keep out of the conflict
And the college campuses haven't had any trouble that I know of they haven't been in news anyway
And as far as I know just about hippy free I haven't seen any hippies around here either
Except of course except for Carlton I mean he
Course Carlton's a country hippy now we can allow that see
Carlton's just short of money that's the only thing wrong with him
He's broke see he had too many Merle Haggard shows
No seriously these things and the fact that like I say I was very familar with Muskogee
The ideas came together and we wrote a song called Okie From Muskogee
Goes like
One two three four

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