Frankie and Johnny were sweethearts oh Lordy how they could love
Swore to be true to each other true as the stars above
He was her man but he was doin' her wrong

Frankie went down to the corner just for a bucket of beer
She said oh Mr Bartender has my lovin' Johnny been here
He is my man he wadn't doin' me wrong

Hey I don't want cause you no trouble ain't gonna tell you no lies
I saw your lover an hour ago with a gal named Nellie Blie
He was your man but he has done you wrong

Here come now

[ guitar ]
Hey Frankie looked over in transom and she saw to her susrprice
There on the cab sat Johnny makin' love to Nellie Blie
He is my man but he's doin' me wrong

Frankie drew back to comoda she took out her old 44
And rutty toooo tooo three times throughout that hardwood door
She shot her man cause he was doin' her wrong

Here comes one more time

[ guitar ]

Hey bring out the rubber tied hearses and bring out the rubber tied hatch
She'd taken her man through the graveyard and she ain't a gonna bring him back
Lord he was her man and he was doin' her wrong

Bring out a thousand policemen bring 'em around today
And locked her down in the dungeon and threw that key away
She shot her may cause he was doin' her wrong

Hey Frankie said to the warden what are you going to do
And the warden said to Frankie it's a electric chair for you
You shot your man cause he was doin' you wrong

Hey this story has no moral this story has no end
The only thing this story goes to show is a ain't no good in man
He was her man and he was doin' her wong

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