Now me are work at Harold's Super Service
We specialize in service all the way
And there's only one thing really bucks me
That big ol' born stripped down model A
At Harold's Super Service we do greased jobs
We fix thirty or forty flats every day
And just about the time we get really busy
Here comes that guy that stripped down model A

He said gimme fifty cents for the raggler
Check my oil too if you don't mind
Put some air in my tire won't you Mister
Check my windows too if you have time

Roy Nichols
[ guitar ] And Norm
[ banjo ] Last night I dreamed that died and went to heaven
Do that mighty Super Service in the sky
I was satisfied of copping gas forever
For the angels in the sweet by and by
Now the pretty gates were me just around the corner
I could see the new ones coming every day
Now I was changing for some modest magic carpet
When up through the clouds there came this model A

I said gimme fifty cents for the raggler...
We had a request the last time we were here we some requests to do some impersonations
And we haven't been doing 'em on our show
But we promised we would do 'em the next time we were here in Philadelphia
And would ya'll like to see some some impersonations for a second or two
OK alright I'll tell you what we would but we don't know any
And naw really we're gonna try to do a couple three for you
We hope that you recognize 'em the first one goes like this right here
This is one of my very favorite singers and if I don't sound like 'im
I'm gonna be mad at me

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