This song is for you you know who you are
I won't embarrass you by calling your name
You're here every night severing up the drinks
Wearing your superficial smile

You still wear the wedding band and your left hard working hand
For a memory of a man who's chained and bound
Lord knows you need a man and an understanding hand
Before you run completely out of love

You can't stay in love with a memory
You can't stay in love with a dream
Yet you've fallen in love with the picture on the wall
The sad part is that the picture is not of me

That cold December day they took her man away
Never dreaming of a gentle heart they broke
Now she waits by the phone she waits there all alone
But the only one who ever calls is me

Now I'm a prisoner of a slave to one way love
I wish they'd let me go so I'd be free
Break these chains that binds and release this heart of mine
Before I run completely out of love

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