Seńor Peligro
Bush's alter ego
A family of danger
And that's his middle name
Invasion is imminent
Keeping down the dissidents
Killing is his business
And business is game

To Cross the Border
For Law and Order
To Cross the Rio
Seńor Peligro

Seńor Peligro
Lost all his amigos
From Chile to Panama
And all points in between
To feed the Corporations
The driving force of any war
Is always based in Greed

Watch your Back
Seńor Peligro is on the attack

Voice Over (Isa Martinez - signed release)
El Presidente el es un Asesino
The President is an assassin
No cambieremos sarge por asete
Tente moriendo por el amor del dinero
We will not exchange blood for oil
People dying for the love of money
Seporladolo es mas gas para el fugeo
Supporting him is fuel to the fire
Prepuese por el Seńor Peligro
Prepare for Mr. Danger


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