Here we are
Sitting in the studio
Gread is ready
Switch off your handy
Stop smoking
Plug the machines
Start the music

Hum... Is it the break?
So I'm suposed to talk on this part, but what should I say?
I just don't know what to do
I don't know what you want me too
Should I talk 'bout music?
Should I talk 'bout love?
Cars, drugs or parties
I should talk 'bout something I know.
Girls and fashion
I should tell you about my shoes collection
Even if you just don't care
Aren't you the one that looks at woman bodies walking down the street
You like girls, you have to know about fashion too
And that's the way it is
That's what I want you to say

Here we go again
That's another break
The story should continous this way
What to say?
What to say?
About girls and fashion
Boys and girls
Boys and fashion
Or wathever
What do you think about this track
Do you think we should dig in it
Or you prefer me to find another topic
Music, love, cars, drugs or parties
It's up to you
You are the music master

Just another break to say

So we still don't know what to say
This song is finished
We have to find a nice end for you
And I thing I'd better shut up now

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