I love men who are not the same,
Bathroom singers with no name,
Sex machines, old school babe,
Disco dancers in their game.

I love men every kind,
They're so cute when they smile,
Thinking love is not a crime,
Walking in the sunshine.

I love men when they love me,
I feel the only one to be,
It's a power so crazy,
The most stupid lyrics you never hear.

I love men like bobby orlando,
The flirts composer a long time ago,
It makes me laugh a lot, you know,
But I don't want to show.

I love men who feel unique,
Especially in the music,
When their ego becomes too big,
I disappear pretty quick.

I love men, I leave them,
I'm a bitch in the system,
But I'm really not to blame,
Because love is always the same.

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