This song is the vitamin for the collective soul
It opens doors in closed walls
That take us back to dreamland
Where the bleeding wounds still did not exist

This is not a love song
Stop hurting for the wrong stuff
If you got a scar, let it tell you where to go
There are many exists
You just gotta find your own
Find your own way home

Eyes set to see what they want you to see
You'll only feel what they tell you to feel
Then you'll believe the truth they chose for you
Find your way back home

I know the truth
What's best for you's not best for me
Find your way, find your way home
You're killing me trying to live
My life for me
Find your way, find your way home

I sing about the flash back to the bones
I wanna take off all of the masks
And celebrate the power that I feel
That comes from within

They let you know you gotta be someone
As if there was a chance to be no one
If you believe them your life is unreal
Find your own way home

Tu alma pide calor
Está llena de um gran dolor
No se puede juntar lo que está quebrado
No se puede descongelar lo que está helado
Por eso, mi amor, no puedo luchar tu lucha.
Ella Solamente... tuya

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