I’m so mad, and I’m sad that you don’t hear me scream
Don’t feel bad but I’m glad that I’m not in your skin
Time will wash all the pain away and I believe
You and I can be more than only history

Don’t leave me here on my own
Cause I need your love to go
And I know that you want me
You need me, I want you
Don’t leave me here on my own
Cause life is short and you’ll know
It’s not ok to let go
I need you, you want me

Sometimes I wanted you to be the same as me
So that our life was safe from any suffering
But I know that there is not a damn only thing
That can ruin what we feel if we only say the truth

I was running running running
I was hiding hiding hiding
I was trying trying trying
I was wrong wrong wrong
Now that it was over I found you again
Hmm, this is the final lesson
I can’t give it up

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