I was so lost when I found you
You hooked me up, I could not escape
Your pretty eyes and your smile
Made me think I could die
I felt so alive with you
I was nothing without you
Everything looked so brand new
I gave my whole world up to you

I know just how much I love to love you
I’d do whatever to have you by my side
I know the one limit there is to this love
I need to feel free to be myself for real

It seemed so hard to get it
Suddenly everything changed
I had to live my own life
I was so scared you would escape
It was so hard to let you know
The real me there was inside
I tried to hide myself from you
I needed my world back from you

I tried to run from you
Cause I could see me through your eyes
But I decided to grow
Because I wanted you beside me
I knew how much I loved you
I didn’t wanna lose you
So I made my choice and stayed
The world was ours more than yours

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