There's so many times I wondered what to do or what to say
And so many times I wish that there could be another way
'Cause it's a world in trouble that's lost it's harmony
And it's a world that's hurting without the beauty meant to be
I can't sit and wait for things to change

* Let the new day come
I'll let the change come into my life
So let the new day come
I'll throw the garbage and give another try
When I meet the dawn
I will know what I feel, what I think
So let the new day come

Why do we have to take so much more than we really need?
Are we too dumb to learn we created our own tragedy?
When the one is over the next one begins
It's like a crazy circus where no one ever wins
I don't wanna play these wicked games

* repeat

Will we have a second chance
Can we learn from our mistakes
Do we see who we are
That what we give is what we get

* repeat

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