Now here´s a little story that I´d like to contar
un pendejo que conozco who liked to drogar
started way back in da¿ Mexico City
the year was ´97, Molotov was the epitimy

A lot of Brown-no sing was going around
the cuate was crazy, valedores were down
He´d be at all the partis with the flashy clothes
He´d get a little drunk and powder up his nose

He´d be back stage at all the show
he´d start to mouth-off to show-off to all the hoes
drugs´ll make you think you´re right when wrong
you better step off, before you get stepped on

Now what, now what, now what´s the world en la calle
todos me dicen que ese hijo de su madre is...
to steppin´ people like it´s going out of style.
shooting - snorting - smoking - in denial
You asking me "Man are you mad at me?"
I tell you, "es la droga,men, it has to be"
you´re all fucked up. It´s sad to see
te hablas solito,you lost your sanity

Your drug of the month is your own pendejez
te rompen la madre estés donde estés
Handle your shit - don´t egg me on
you better step off, before you get stepped on

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