There was once a golden forest, with secrets only known,
to our three boys brave as could be, that reached it's inner sea
From one afternoon of duties, the decision came to me,
to venture of the beaten path, where mother said to be

How her words did haunt us when all green turned to black,
the treetops sound their warning out: Passed here no turning back!

If this forest you may leave, simple quest for thee,
dive into the midnight sea, and find our golden key,
if we do, we trust you'll help us, to make our way back home,
before morning brakes and mother wakes we had better sleep

Sure thing said the sneeky trees, laughing amongst themselves,
did their mother ever say: You cannot trust a tree.

So long to your flesh and bone, the key is out on loan,
Home, Home, make yourselves at home in this golden dome

Still we are trees, the sandman grieves, this dream will never leaf

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