People my people, farewell and adieu,
I am leaving you all for a life behind the walls
Old friends and lovers, take care of each other
this love came to be, nothing but a memory

Gone are the times when I knew you were mine
but I'll keep them inside among the things that I hide
Playing the fools just won't do me no good
so try to play straight, though it's much to late

Movin' on - But sleeping the day away
Movin' on - From all of my thoughts today

You might try to find me, but there's nothing that binds
me here, memories fade from the life that I'd made
Everyone's beggin' for answers but there's simply
nothing to tell, 'cause I don't know myself

Figuring out what my soul is about is a dark road to
take, with a new friend - heartache
I am not leaving for the lack of the believing
to follow the heart is the hardest part

All the scenes I keep replaying only make me angry
From another point of view could someone understand me?
Caught up with myself, with thoughts and words we've never spoken
Keep it all inside too long and everything will be broken

You stopped me at the supermarket, asked me how I'm doing
Once again I'm lying to you, tell you that I'm alright
Everything between us seem to sadly fade away
Til' there's only me, your photograph and every Sunday

Mary my love - It's late,
and I'm tired of myself
this isn't leading anywhere

Mary I've realized,
I'm just selfish, jealous guy
but this is me letting you go

People my people, forget what I've done
I'm off down the highway, straight into the sun

Movin' on - But sleeping the day away
Movin' on - But sleeping the day away

There will be no happy end, for romantic fools like me
All we do is run, while love is bleeding in the streets
We have our whole damned lives to wear our problems down,
and then we say the words: "I love you",
when the words don't mean a thing

Crossed the Rubicon, I'm movin' on
Keep the memories, this town is yours

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