I took a trip to Harlem to see where my lonely angel's
gone, all winter long
Now where'd she get those wings from and my god from
where'd she get those limelight colored eyes.

I know, you know this is just a dream, but come friday
night that angel's gonna wake me, and then the only thing
I'll want in this whole world, is for her to be my New York
City Summergirl

This must be what true love's like, she's flowing up
and down and round my simple mind, from far beyond
the ocean the siren's cry: "Run, my chicken run, down
rainbow one"

She's blowing kisses in my dreams, they settle down upon
my shivering sailor heart, they tell me just where I need to
be, and now I'm pretty sure the city's the place to start.

I know you were never meant to be walking with me in the
cold on the New atreet, still the only thing I want in this whole
world, is you to be ny New York City Summergirl

New York, you're my New York Summergirl
These days, won't come round no more I'm sure, so baby
let's fall in love

I've taken that long way round, to meet you in your prime,
darling, just let your hair down low, baby, and dance like
you'll dance no more

New York, you're my New York Summergirl
You know, it's your heart I'm gunning for

"The taste of fruit from distant gardens makes it hard,
I can't deny, to fall in love on monday morning, with the
plain red dirt, dressed up all in white"

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