Standing on the roadside waving bye-byes
Said I'm going where the wheels are a-moving
Oh, come and take me far away from the city lights, city life...

The moon shines bright in the seventh house
In the slipstream we pass among the clouds
With patches of peace, flowers in our hair
The caravan's moving, come aboard and join the band
A time of love, the time of man
Songs of hope for a promised land
We're gypsy sons all were born to run
A world awaits us
Universal guidance, travel down to Yasgurs farm...

Hey! Pretty baby it's gonna be alright
Just put your little hand in mine
And we'll work it out 'till the morning light comes, now baby
don't you worry

Freedom of speech on tongues of LSD
Summer of love, love is all we need
We'll meet beneath the shady trees
Echoes of better times resound a world away
Chasing a dream of a golden past
We dream alone so it couldn't last
The trees are bare they are all undressed
The leaves will leave the body,
by the hands of our friend the carpenter...

Autumn steals the day away, put the dreams back in the grave
And we couldn't end the war, so don't bring me anymore
... of your tired, hungry and poor

Follow down the forest road, see the people without their
daily loads. On meadows green, tranquility
All were children of a thousand stars
Mother we'll build a different world, the revolution they're feared will start with words
Still messengers of everlasting love
Notes upon an empty door, says your Uncle wants you to win a war
If he'll reach to pull me in, then just tell him I'm on the farm
Mother we'll build a different world, the revolution is hear we'll start with words...
I'm a messenger of everlasting love...

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