A cold, deep winter empowered the landscape
And the skyline dip his dress in deep blood
A grumbling sound penetrate through the clouds
Of the warriors who once exist.. the great... "one" gods!
A flame - red shadow cover the mountains
And clouds of fire roll over the sky
Thundering hooves breaks through the front
In a world, were dreams, and faith every day.. "die!"
A deafening hoarse laugh resounded in the valleys
And the births grew damp, as tremble the earth
Oh, hear me my gods of splendid exist
By the swords I will tell you allone my life's glorious.. "words!"
Chilling rope clean refresh wind and face
And the birth betray the mourning i'd heard
In the campfire choke on the smoke the last glow
And the sun sends the first rays the lord reflected in thy.. "sword!"

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