So many girls don't wanna let me go
That is the reason why me and you just flow
It's like you make me glow
As soon as I see you child
Yes you drive me wild
With your ebony smile
You are you are you are somethin' special

Anyway you want it
You know I'll always try
And when you need it
I will provide
You know I love it
Having you by my side
Lets stay together
Oh Oh

I never tasted such a sweet kiss and
I never felt so much tenderness and
He got me weak he gone 5 minutes and I miss him
I'm feelin' deep baby sit down and listen
Anytime that you ain't here you got me feelin'
For your love it feels so good it's like I'm dreamin'
Just your touch has got my heart screamin'
It's crazy baby what you got me feelin'


I know something I do see
Baby you got that love I need
Your the only that can set me free
Boy I'll love you eternally
I don't need nobody baby
I really want you to know I love you crazy
I don't need nothin' besides
Having you in my life


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