The shit that you promote, fightin, fuckin, like you don't want 2 grow.
You talkin so much sex, but u nah tell the youts bout Aids and u tell them bout consequence, no!
You talkin like you a G, but you killer killing your own, your just a racist mans pussy.
Tell me who you wants 2 know, what, when, who, where or how you do your hoe.

Pre chorus:
Certainly not, me
Certainly not, me
Cos baby personally, I like 2 b challenged mentally
I've heard it all b4 gangsters, pimps and whores
Quality is poor

A girl likes me needs more!

It Takes More 2 amuse a girl like me
So much more 2 confuse a girl like me
They got u, cos while you're braggin bout your badness your just
Avoidin, addin to the reel shit that's happening to us
Who gives a damn about the ice on your hand
If it's not 2 complex tell me how many Africans died for the buggettes on your rolex
So what you pushin a nice car, don't you know there ain't no such thing as superstars
We leave this world alone so who gives a fuck about the things you own

Pre Chorus: x1
Chorus: x1

Now I could sit and shit about how I sex
But my business is my business I got self respect
I could talk bout how my press could pimp man doe
Get the keys 2 his ride and his home
But I looked it up and that would make me a hoe
Little sisters now I really gotta let u know
Reel women ain't sexin 4 no mans doe
Reel women work hard 2 make they own
And we can all chat bout gats and blacks on blacks
Enforce the hypes and all b stereotypes
But youts are watchin that ain't what I'm here for
Show em 2 think higher and aspire 2 b more

Chorus x2

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