Sarah's screaming, another daddy's leaving
how can that much hurt be justified?
Frankies a dealer, his nickname is 'The Healer'
He makes a living helping people die
Babies making babies, people going crazy
Andy's new best friend's a 45

Circle us with angels, walk us through the danger
Give us the light to get us through the valley
full of shadows and
Deliver us from evil, we are only people
You know we can't make it on our own
Oh,Lord, we need intervention divine

Micheal is surfing', revenge at school is certain
Hes clicking www.bomb
Street gang invasion, we've become a
dead-bolt nation
Security and innocence are gone
We're still discriminating, we're angry and
we're hating
We're living in a modern babylon

Repeat Chorus

From America to Asia, Europe to Australia
We're on our knees, Lord hear your children cry

Chorus echos
Our father in heaven, hallowed be thy name
Forgive us, and lead us
O lord we need...

Repeat Chorus