I wanna hear your voice but I don't want you to call
I wanna see you girl but not see you at all
I wanna make-up but I still want to fight
I wanted to break up but it just don't feel right

(sittin here waiting on you)

I hate you you hate me but still can't escape
Even all the bullshit we've been going through lately
Heart-broke, love-struck, tellin ya'll this ain't me
Life without you girl it's something that I can't see
I ain't goin lie, sayin I don't get lonely but it's only so much I can kick it with the homies
And somebody told me, you already moves on
I broke up with you you ain't supposed to get your groove on
Not now at least wait a couple weeks got me lookin like a chump with my buisness in the streets
Been a couple weeks but it feels like you still there
No matter how I clean I'm still findin your hair
Or some shit you forgot or I'm standin at that spot when you came so hard I didn't think that you would stop
But quiet as step I know you miss just a little
Washed the sheets when you left but I still smell you on my pillow

Everything I do it reminds me of you
And everything I see it reminds me of we
And everytime I lust it reminds me of us girl I wanna stay together cause I hate breakin up

You didn't call me last night what you tryin to be strong?
You'll call yourself stupid when you finally hear this song
Cause I would have took you back I was waitin to in fact
All you had to do was holler girl I would of just collapsed and
Fell into a trap
And started to relaxin
But your ass never called so it just never happened
Now I'm thinking Jasmine, Tanya, Sherrain
Some exes I could call that'd probably ease the pain
I try to follow through but I wind up callin you
Hangin up before it rings girl it's really all on you
But you want to get into it make me mad, push my buttons
Got me trippin over little stuff that don't mean nothin
I was sick of sufferin the fightin the fussin
What happened to the love and the late night discussions about children and family, the future, the planet
Now it's all over cause you couldn't understand me

[Chorus x2]

Thought of missin you again last night
Till I remembered all the reasons that your ass loved to fight
It's like dude
I really wanted this to work
But you gotta get you shit together first
What's worse, I really wanted you to stay but I needed you to leave cause we was fightin everyday
All right
Not everyday I know that that's a lie on it
We was supposed to be companions we were more like opponents
Don't this song make you wanna do it one more time
Could I still be the only dude that's on your mind?
I'm too proud to beg but I'm hoping that your not
I would take you back quick girl without a second thought
But I'm caught up in my pride and I can't make the call,
Do you wanna break up just to break that's all
It's been a long time, I know I probably shouldn't of left you cause your the only women that I'd wanna sleep next to

[Chorus x2]

You say you sick of me
And I say I'm sick of you
But we crazy about each other girl
What we goin do
Said I needed you to leave but I hate to see you go
Can't make up my mind girl I just don't know
I wanna make this work but I'm sick of the struggle girl
What I gotta do to make you realize I love you
I ain't goin lie sometimes I just don't feel you
You find another man and I just might kill you

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