Whussup Murs


Ah nothing man you know just doing a little underground shit

whatever you know selling these tapes broke ass fuck


Yeah I see you know what i'm sayin I aint tryin to go out like that

nigga I'm trying to get signed

have a video and shit you know what I'm sayin

so I can get some respect and some ends in this motherfucker


Oh F'real well you got a little skill you can do that

but um listen to this story check this out

[verse 1]

Now heres this story about this fool

I knew from back in the day

His name was Mike, he used to kick raps around the way

I used to see this nigga everyday up at the school

I mean dude was cool type of fool

who always said what he meant

You could peep him at lunch

Freestylin by the bench

Now he lived in the hood some called the Danger Zone

so he was no stranger to own ways of gettin a legal scratch

But for some Strage reason he wasn't living like that

We used to kick back smoke a sack

Every now and then but usually

he was in the house with his pen

Writing raps that all the homies said was fat

To match that he got he gots his beats

From this nigga named Toan

One day Mike said to Toan

"Lets hook up a demo man

That shit could be on"

Or thats what they thought shit didn't pop

Right away they got caught slippin

And Mike really started trippin

After a couple months he droped out of school

Now we all day kickin it getting high

Smokin blunts even quit his part time J.O.B

Tooked the money that he saved

Put that shit up on the P

And now he's flippin zits

Man you know the whole skit

On how his ass gon quit

After he's stacked enough chips

But out the blue he got this call

>From this A&R talking bout it's time to sign

The first thing that runned threw Mikes mind

Is that I wont have to grind

So when he got the contract

He didnt give it back ignored the print

That was fine Flashed 50g's in his face

And said "All you have to do

Is sign on the line to get it"

But Toan wasnt with it

Thats when the group split

But Mike didn't trip he knew he could get beats

From the kids he was on the label with

So he took the money did some normal rapper's shit

bought his ass a new ride

Tried to buy his moms a home

But when she said I aint gonna move up out the hood

He paid off all her loans and hit the studio

Every single day of the week

And made the beat hella tight songs

And after a couple a months

The album was finished so he gave the masterd

To the label so they could handle the bissness


aww fool I know who you talking about that was that nigga that nigga

mike yeah that fools shit was tight fool he was blowin up fool what

happend that nigga got dropped or what I dont know I aint never seen

that nigga in the hood no more

[Murs] (murs chuckles)

This why you aint seen that motherfucker in the hood fool

[verse 2]

Now when the single dropped

It really start to pop

His shit hit the charts at the top

You could see his video all day on The Box

And when he hit the spot

All the bitches would jock

Same ones back in high school that didnt wanna speak

Now they step into Mike tellin him he's a freak

But he didnt get the big head

And start to tweak he stayed down to earth

And kicked it with his homies

Every single day on the Turf

So when the album released

He thought his check might increase

But he didn't see the loot

Every time he called the label

They gave him the same song and dance

About his advance having to be recouped

And on the day of his second video shoot

They told he had been let go

It seemed the president thought

Rap artist wernt bringing in enough dough

You know not enough capital

So they dropped the whole

Department of Black Music

Now most of them artist didn't go on to do shit

When back to 9 to 5's punchin clocks

Acceptin weekly checks

But Mike had a plan after a while

He knew he was getting fuck

By these record Exec's

Now it was time to put the plan in effect

Next day at the building he goes in

Disguised as the dude from Fed X

Takes the elevator all the way

To the top floor no sooner then he steps

Out the door the secutary askin "Who the package is for"

He said "Im here to see uh Mr.Goldstien"

She said "Right now he cant be seen"

So he tryed t walk past her and ignore it

Then she grabed his shirt like

"Nah I could sign for it"

So he gave her the clip board

Then acted like he was pullin a pen

Out of his uniform But a rag full of chloriform

Then placed over her face

The bitch was knocked out slid her fat ass

Under the desk just incase no time to waste

He went into the Big Man's office

As soon as Goldstien seen Mike face

He knew something was going on

So he reached for the phone

Just as Mike expected

So he healed up the end of the cord

To show him that that shit was dissconected

He connected with a knife to his wind pipe

Now he couldn't scream for his life

He said none of this had to happend

If you would've treated your artists right

Trying to pimp my peoples art

Never giving us a equal part

But I was peepin your plan from the start

It was never to see us be young black and rich

Yal wanted to be the only muthafucker's

Stacking chips that fool looked like he was

honna have himself a heart attack and shit

But Mike stepped back and stabbed him in the heart

with the pen he signed his contract with, aint that a bitch

I heard that fool moved to Moraco or some shit

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