Prytania, you're looking like a loaded gun, a loaded gun.
Prytania, you know you are the baddest one, and the one i want.

When you're walking your walk
And talking your talk
The blame is on you for stopping my heart
If i get my way, we'll marry some day
Who cares what they say?

The lines that i've said
The fool that i've been
May tell me that i'm in over my head
And no i don't care
Come on just say yeah
I'm already there

There you go, ignore the palm of your hand
While you don't notice the ones you've got all wrong
I'm in the ground you're walking on
Would you try something you never have tried
It doesn't matter how opposite we are
I'll be the last to break your heart.

Just keep it in mind,
Keep it in mind.

Prytania [2x]

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