Lonely, stubborn and complacent
You have insisted on leaving me here
Writing the same song i started last year
Lovely conjunctions and phrases
Plays on a few words, that you never meant
I must have misread all of the signals that you never sent

It's a bitter sweet life, and it's leaving me a-ok
It's a bitter sweet life, i have loved and lost my heart along the way

Maybe i could still hold you
Or you could call if you feel so inclined
Please take your time locating whatever you're trying to find
Maybe it's time to let go
But i'm too scared and so unprepared
How do i forget, every moment in time that we shared

I'm calling your bluff
I have toyed with the idea of burning your stuff
This is so rough
And it's as if deserting me wasn't enough
Well i've had enough
I'm calling your bluff

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