Let me know if you want to be alone
Can't find your heart, whoa
Improve what you aren't
And fake what you can, whoa

Take this, baby, embrace this
I need you like I hate this
Why can't you face this?
Who said that we were over?
You call it closure
But you don't even know her
Pulling me closer

All my friends are sinking slowly

Take me, bend me, no, break me
I need you like your love
I need your love, I need your love
And you should know by now
You need to take a deep breath before you let it out
Hey, there you are
You want to talk about devotion
Keep this in motion
It's easy when you just drown out the lights
And use what you ignore

You'd say anything to get inside my head

Debut the situation and beg me to wait for this
But you refuse me
'Cause see, I am not your family
It doesn't matter if we're closing all the doors
If you can stand for anymore

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