Anything to anyone

No ...
I'm so hungry an the only thing I have are these bitter pills in my hand
I'm so thirsty and the last drop which remains to me trickles
Through my trembling fingers ... still

I want to stand up
A promise to myself
Don't wanna prove anything to anyone
I want to stand up
Searching for Sunlight
And don't wanna prove anything to anyone!
I'll ...

The ground of truth is painful
The ground of truth is more serious than i thought
And the way back to paradise runs in circles
No one here who wants to lead me
I yearn for the "day"
Don't wanna cry ... Just wanna be needed again
How long do I have to wait to do penance for my mistakes?
For how long am I cursed?

I want to stand up ...

As I started to believe was alone
In the stroboscope pretence of you noble restriction
As I started to see I was shocked about the ridiculous mask
I was searching shelter behind ...
Slowly it grows in me ... The desire for a change ...

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