Hunted by insufferable agonies
And I decide on the way in the liquid sphere
I want to disappear in my own silence
And no one tries to delay me
I'm away...
Slippin' away on the cool waves of the lifeless sea
Swimming with the dead fishes is not more a fantasy
I live my dream
Diving down and feel a new kind of freedom
And the water turns red

And it's flavoured with rottenness
I begin to breath it
I dream my life
Sunset reflects in the crimson wetness
Drifting in slowmotion through ma underwater mind trip

In the infinite depth I float to extacy
Almost the pressure takes my breath away
Starts to crush me and increase my lust
I don't know where up, where is down
I don't miss space an time
An the ocean twists around me...

The journey is over
I've found my destiny far away from madrush and hate
Not out of my mind
I am back again
In my place of emptiness... now...

It isn't flavoured with rottenness
I'll begin to breath it
I dream my life...

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