Verse 1:
Do you feel the energy inside your body
Can you feel the music ohh don't ever lose it.

Turn up the power, everybody
Turn up the power, and dance with me
Turn up the power, everywhere
Turn up the power, ohh yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah.

Rap 1:
Throw the switch, start it up, I made you move now ya come unstuck. Ya pullin' the levers watching them
dials, the time has come for the mad, mad smiles. Activated generated, breathing life in the mind he created.
Knocking ya back with a beat ya can't stop. Gonna rock gonna rock 'till ya drop. I'm the taker you're the maker, like a
T-1K I'm the new terminator, that came down to belong to the sound, keep the sl's spinnin', spinnin' round and around.
Another question without an answer, who created the ultimate dancer, energy for you to devour, yeah Turn Up The Power.

Verse 2: Do you feel emotion singin' with devotion
Can you feel the pressure whoa it's gonna get ya.

Repeat Chorus

Rap 2:
Ain't demandin' I'm commandin', won't ya stop and follow my lead ya understandin'. Don't hesitate coz I
know what ya mean, ya dancin' to the rhythm of another machine. Look in my eyes they hypnotize a logical brain that
lives and never lies, made by man destroyed by the enemy. Is this the future of high technology? Heartbeat, gettin' faster
disobeyed the order of your master, no command you've no heart and soul have I lost my grip am I losing control?
Malfunction mans corruption, all in all a countdown to destruction, possessed ya body in the final hour, yeah Turn
Up The Power.

Repeat Chorus

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