touch me tell me,
that you want me...
ohh la la...

verse 1:
its gettin' too intense
with all this sexiness
excites me all the way...
i'm tryin' to get a grip,
my resistance starts to slip,
you make me feel that....

down deep down slow down
ya dont know what ya doin'
so tell me babe,
down deep down slow down,
i wanna feel you do it within.
down deep down slow down,
i can see you starin' back at me babe!
down deep down slow down.
can ya feel the vibe start to begin?

(ohh la la)

verse 2:
i can see you and me.
doin' things we shouldn't be.
ya all gonna do it the only way.
the closer that we get.
i'm gonna start to sweat
when i feel like...

(repeat bridge and chorus)

touch me tell me.
that you want me...
oh la la....

(repeat chorus x2)

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