waiting, drawing pictures all my life
and giving them names
to get rid of boredom
oh night, youre the only one waiting with me
im just like you, but
my lover has left me

up all night, with my only friend; the horizon
singing for you, and the echo is the only one replying
i wish you could hear me
that my mowaal reaches you
and i wish that you might answer this one time
and ask me how am i

i have only a pic to entertain me
and a couple of thoughts
and the sounds of waiting
make me remember everything again
wats the point of my thoughts
and our old pictures
i wish you could treat my wounds
and let me see you here in front of me

i miss calling you my lover
and your eyes smile at me
and feel like a little girl
and you spoiling me
give me my soul back
and my innocent dreams
because only a loving word
would bring peace to my heart and mind

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