Merry Christmas with Nanowar,
It's the Christmas song of steel
Take this present from Nanowar (Of Steel)

Happy new year with Nanowar,
It's the merry happy new year song of steel
Join the gay dragon's party (of Iron)

Build a snowman with Nanowar,
And shape him like Rob Halford
Be careful, and put the carrot on the right side!

No more sadness with Nanowar,
Just look at our Christmas balls
They're hanging from our trees... eheh...
How allusive are we!

Santa Claus has come for all,
To the wall we nail our sock
And he puts in it his big fat Christmas cock
Fills the posers with the coal,
Gives true metal to us all
And the power of the power of the sword!

He is Santa Claus! This is Santa Claus!
Gifts of steel Santa Claus!
Deadly trees Santa Claus!

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