Once upon a time, in the ancient empire of Vibovalentiagard, near the sacred realm of Staropolis in the frogotten kingdom of Parmacot on the holy mountain of Paraflur of the mystical forest of Mastergard, there, down the lost valley of Lostvalleyland was the peaceful village of Roccadipapamord.
In this village, everyone lived in peace and harmony with each other, elves and dwarfs, knights and wizards, queens and kings, watson and crick, Dawson and creek, wallace and grommit, bed and breakfast.
But one day, a terrible thing happened.... an evil bad, bad, bad, bad, bad and evil dragon came there, to bring death and other bad things...
Only one man could kill him "I can kill him !"
But he didn't know how to kill him "I don't know how to kill him"
So, he went to the Wise One to ask him how to kill a big bad dragon....
[Hero:] "Holy Wise One, I beg you, how can I kill a bad bad bad bad bad dragon?"
[Wise One:] "My young son, a bad bad bad bad bad dragon, is very bad !"
[Hero:] "Yes ! But how can I kill him"
[Wise One:] "To kill a dragon... well it's easy, to kill a dragon you need a sword!"

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