(Chorus x2)
I'll bring the bag of weed
You can bring the bottle of wine
Call me whenever we can get together
And have us a real good time

[Nate Dogg]
Its still morning
I'm still yawning
outside my window
someone's calling
her name was Micky
habits freaky
she liked to do me
her and her homeys
did I mention
that I'm balling
rollin on gold ones
thats right crawling
thats why she's jocking
early this morning
I'm feeling under the weather
I'll soon be feeling better
dont forget the paper this time

(Chorus x2)
(Somebody's calling)
I'll bring the bag of weed
(outside my window)
You can bring the bottle of wine
(somebody's calling)
Call me whenever, we can get together
(outside my window)
And have us a real good time

[Tray Dee]
Call me whenever, but never ever after 10
cuz I got to be at home with my bitch and my kids
I hit the skin flip the twin lips of love apart
get to diggin in ya ligaments then bust ya heart
cuz from the start, soon as we sparked the bag I brought
I seen you chokin through the smoke noticed your titties was taut
you caught, up in the game that I came to spit
I cracked the hennessey and entered DP gangsta shit
you wanna get with this, or is you in to twist
the game up and make me cum just to say you came up
and gained what another strike on your rap
when you coulda kept your mouth shut and right on the step
with the program knowin damn well you wrong girl
cuz I shook you and took two of your homegirls
you played yourselves so I had to leave
baby shoulda just chilled off this bag of w

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