[cough] how much money do you have, baby?
Count it out, count it out.
Oh no, a-ain't no marriage in this,
She too broke.

One to the two to the three to the four
When you see the big dog, give the doggy his bone
Couple fucking lines and they're mind is blown
I'm just making sure the fucking mic was on (1,2... 1,2)
Big dick willy standing next to you
After meeting me, ain't nothin' you won't do
You like the crazy sexy little things i do (like a)
Smokin' weed while i'm sexting you [cough, cough]
Nigga's won't [?] so i r'ic r'ic row
Nigga's won't bust cuz they ain't that poor
Take the hottest nigga's girl cuz i'm just that cold
Nigga's talk shit so i s-st-stole
Now a nigga callin' on my cellular phone
Mad at a nigga cuz his couchie is gone
Mad doggin' me like his bitch ain't grown
Had a bad bitch but her hair wasn't combed
I really didn't need her so i let her go
Even though i could've stomped a nigga, word is bond
I keep saying to my self, "i got a million hoes"
Plus, she really wasn't worth it so i just moved on.

Who wanna get it?
When i grab the mic, i give it.
100% every fuckin' time when i spit it.
I dropped a load and got ya'll thinkin' that i shitted, (ooohweee)
[?], if it's funky then i did it.
My style is rough, full of bumps and dibits.
Ya'll be talking, i think, while i live it.
I visit some cheap hotels, most exquisite,
Travel like a p-ball player movin' his pivot.
Where the pirate of philly cap? it was fitted. (nigga)
Forever to the streets, i'm commited.
My business of being number one, is real vivid.
Ya'll know the truth even though you won't admit it. (nah man)
You got a problem on our ride, you better quit it.
I'm ludacris, i throw a bow like i'm riddick.
And watch the blood go down from your head from when i split it.
And guarantee that when i'm charged with it... i'm a quit it.

Xzibit, made from the best up in the universe.
I bust first and make the crowd disperse.
The worst thing you ever seen in your life,
Like seein' a pregnant bitch buy rocks and hit the pipe.
It ain't like i have tried to tell ya. (shhh)
Misery love company, keeping the wrong company brings failure.
I got a billion lies to tell ya.
Cuz ya'll can't handle the truth, here's the proof
Nobody sings better than nate (heeey ohhh)
It's a mistake when you hate and disrespect the golden state.
I go straight for the jugular vein.
Who got game like a castrated man that you cannot hang.
And havin' no nuts is a fucked up thing.
Get your head outta you're ass and use your brain.
It's a short ride to the top and a long way down.
Roll it up, take a few puffs, and pass it around.

I like that ass, so back it up (heeey ohhh)
If the boys start acting up
Give them what they want (hey oh, hey oh)
What they want (hey oh)
They want (hey oh)
They want ([3x:] hey oh)
You know all day we be givin' it up (heeey ohhh)
Big drawers, big dreams, we be livin' it up
Give them, what we want. (hey oh, hey oh)
Won't stop now, we'll never stop ([x3:] hey oh)
[2x:] heeey ohhh, hey oh, hey oh, hey oh, hey oh, hey oh, hey oh.

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