Baby you've been patient, I'll try to explain this
My heart's been trapped too many times by Venus
And Neptune hurt me bad, but not as bad as Jupiter
Go figure, but baby please don't wait for me to fall
Ooh baby you keep asking what happened
I gave too many of my tears to Saturn, it's tragic
The final blow it had to come from Mercury, enemy
Darling, there's no way I'm gonna fall

I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto
I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto
I left my heart on Pluto, Pluto, Pluto
I left my heart on Pluto

You keep on insisting you’re different
You say you found another solar system, but listen
Before you buy a house and sell your spaceship
There’s something you should know
Travelled in a rocket, I dropped it
Saved it from some other form of damage, abandoned
But I see you’re a hopeful kind of planet
But baby I just think there’s something you should know

Baby you’ve been patient, I’ll try to explain this
My heart’s been trapped for many times by Venus and Neptune
Hurt me bad but not as bad Jupiter, go figure
But baby please don’t wait for me to fall

Most girls are happy with a Mars, been tripping through the stars
But they talking bout Pluto, I've gotta be the darg
You know it in your heart, I’m down to get the card
You've been looking in the mirror like it’s just a big mirage
You have devil’s faith and you've married doubt
I'mma just give you space to plan it out
When it’s all settled down we've both got replacements
I ain't gonna fool for that talk from Uranus
Nah, we both play the same game
But only you play the blame game
I never thought anything when I met ya
Till we done everything on the same day
I pray that you change
You’re over-stressed, I'mma take you away
You’re overdressed, man I pray that you change
We’re in Hotel Cabana, I ain’t wasting my stay

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