Now Awoken Been Reborn, Though I Have Just Until Dawn
I Remember Every Face, Spirits Show Me Every Place
First One Sleeps Inside His Bed, Place My Fingers On His Head
To Each Temple Push and Smother , Till My Fingers Touch Each Other
Next One Makes Love to His Wife, Only Wish to Take His Life
For His Family's Done no Wrong, Place His Children On the Lawn
Tell the Mrs. Leave the Room, Lest She Wish to Witness Doom
Grab the Squirmy Filthy Goat and Shove the Dresser Down His Throat
I Must Quickly Use My Gift, Next to Work the Midnight Shift
Drinking Coffee in the Back, I Will Listen to Them Chat
Hear Them Speaking of My Death, Hear the Laughter in Their Breath
But the Laughter Quickly Dies As Their Heads Collide

Yer Gonna Die, Yer Gonna Die

Now My Anger's Growing Worse, Next One's Working As a Nurse
Time to Make a Doctors Call, Drag My Body Down the Hall
Grab a Scalple and a Blade, Time to Play the Nurses Aid
Operate and Strap Her Down, Carve Her Face Into a Clown
Killed Another Then Three More, Now We're Down to Only Four
Next One Drives a Taxi Cab, Another Wicked Life to Grab
Screaming That He Thought I Died, Let's Go For a Taxi Ride
In the Wreck of Twisted Steal, the Steering Wheel Becomes His Meal
This Man Watches His T.v., Scanning Channels Endlessly
Stops At Station 44, It's the Wicket Klown Show
Watch Me Juggle Watch Me Dance, in 3-d Watch Me Enhance
Watch Me Crawl Out From Your Screen and Squeeze Your Neck Until You're Green
Even Though There's Just One Left, I Feel My Bones Becoming Stiff
Now I Wonder Endlessly, the Spirits Have Abandoned Me
My Limbs Are Falling Piece By Piece, My Ears and Fingers in the Streets
But Still You'd See no Morning Sun and Here's My Victim's Early Run
Quickly Grab Him From Behind, Round His Next With Fishing Twine
Keep Him Stilland Pull the String Watch His Head Go Bobbling
Listn to My Riddle Song, Even Though My Crime Was Wrong
Murder Me Just For Yourlaw and I'll Be Back For All of Yall!

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