This Gypsy Aunt of Mine, You're the Lucky One
She Died and Left Behind, An Anicent Piece of Time
I Didn't Know What It Was, You're the Lucky One
Knuckle Deep in Dust, Edges Played With Rust
I Started to Get Pissed, You're the Lucky One
This Lamp Is All I Get, a Worthless Piece of Shit
But When I Rubbed It Clean, You're the Lucky One
A Genie Popped On the Scene, Brought True My Every Dream

I Was Like Blaaam! (Free Hoes!)
Blaaam! (Nyquil!)
Blaaam! (Faygo!)
Anything I Want
I Was Like Blaaam! (Sharp Axe!)
Blaaam! (Good Weed)
Blaaam! (Hot Tracks!)
Everything I Need

Now I'm in a Fizzle, You're the Lucky Wizzle
Hotties On the Nizzle, Still a Juggalizzle
I Drive a Platinum Car, You're the Lucky One
It Has a Tennis Court and a Bar, You Know Who I Are
Money Out the Ass, You're the Lucky One
I'm Wishing While It Last, Genie's Moving Fast

I Was Like Blaaam! (Free Hoes!)
Blaaam! (Necks Cut!)
Blaaam! (My Shank!)
Anything I Want
I Was Like Blaaam! (Hot Wings!)
Blaaam! (Good Weed)
Blaaam! (Big Thangs!)
Everything I Need

Now I Am a King, You're the Lucky One
I Have Everything, Nothing's Challenging
Nothing Makes Me Proud, You're the Lucky One
I Stand Out in the Crowd, While Others Beg Out Loud
I Remember When, You're the Lucky One
Money Was So Thin, But Dreams Were All Up in
Looking At the Lamp, You're the Lucky One
Would I Give It All Back? Shit, Fool, Give Me That

(Chorus) I'll Be Like Blaaam! (Bitch Slaps!)
Blaaam! (Cheap Wine!)
Blaaam! Dub H! (Waffle House)
Anything I Want
I'll Be Like Blaaam! (Half Pipe!)
Blaaam! (Good Weed!)
Blaaam! (Moonlight)
Everything I Need

Blaaam! the Moral of the Story Is
Blaaam! Those Who Never Had Shit
Blaaam! and Then Get Shit What? Need to Get Shit
Blaaam! So If You Got Shit
Blaaam! Or You Need Shit
Blaaam! Get Some Shit! Go Get Your Shit!
Fuck This Shit, Where Shaggy D At?

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