Voodoo Runnin From My Majic
Ray-kay-shay, Shooga-booga-ba, Southwest Voodoos in Tha House
Wicked Voodoo Doped Up Killa
Majic Dark Majic

Yo, Met This Kid Named Louie-lou
Thought He Could Fuck With This Voodoo
So I Turned His Head Into a Lima-bean and Then Flicked It Off His Shoulders
From Mookan House to Shangri-la
Egyptian Pharoas Koompa-ta
Follow Me and Join Us As We Pray
To the Seventeen Moons of Kunga Delray
Walked in the Lunchroom Chantin Spells
With Bamboo Bitches and Voodoo Bells
Got My Own Food Who Wants Some
I Got Possom Nipples and Raccoon Tounges
A Non-believer Once Started to Laugh
So I Launched a Fireball Up His Punk Ass
Then Everybody Heard Him Squeal
"This Voodoo Shits For Real"
It Just Takes
A Head From a Newt
A Wing From a Bat
A Tounge From a Snake
A Tail From a Rat
A Neck From a Chicken
An Eye From a Crow
And a Little Itty-bitty-itty Drop of Faygo!!!
(Chorus 2x)
Gripped Out Vernor On a Windy Night
You See Voodoo Scribblings in the Moonlight
Painted All On the City Streets
It the Ancient Craft of
Gang Bangin
Hey J! Whats in the Bag?
A Shrunken Head and Shriveled Scrotum Sac!
Why You Think Voodoos Fake
Come to the Graveyard Ill Make the Dead Wake
Raise, Raise, Shooga-boom-ba, Sleep no Longer Raise Quick
Raise, Raise, Shooga-boom-ba, Leave Us Alone You Fuckin Punk Bitch!
Well, Fuck It I Aint That Good Yet, But One Day You Can Bet Im a Freak
We'll Make the Whole Worle Dance With the Dead
And Just Like My Homie Said
(Chorus 2x)
Voodoo Runnin From My Majic
Voodoo Runnin From My Majic
Voodoo Runnin From My Majic
Voodoo Runnin From My Majic
(Chorus 2x)
Ill Make a Voodoo Doll of Ya, and Flick Your Nuts

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