Someday, maybe one day
I will understand what I did to send your love awway
Someday, maybe one day
I'll see through your eyes what made you cry and run away

'Cause I, I feel a changing of the seasons
I wonder why, but you're not giving me a reason

Are we 1 or 2 far gone
To say 3 words, I love you
Be4 you take that 5 o'clock plane, that's leaving
I'm so tired of trying
To count 8, 9, 10 ways I'll be dying
If you should take that five o'clock plane

Someday, baby, one day
As we reminisce we'll laugh at all this hearsay
Someday, maybe one day
You'll apologize when you've realized
I never lied to you anyway

Will I, just be a footnote on forever?
Testify - before you bury all I treasure


All those nights we held each other
Body, mind and soul
I can't believe you'd ever let that go

Are we 1 or 2 far gone?
If you should take that 5 o'clock plane...

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