Looking back on a girl I knew
Whose smile and laughter carried me through
Oh, the way that I felt when she looked at me that way

When I heard she was gone I had no one to hold
I wept as I felt my heart growin' cold
Like poppa she taught me there's no time like today
...i hear her saying

Love me today, and let my strength be your own
Love me today, because tomorrow I'll be gone
When I feel it's time to go - I'll be on my way
So love me today

I remember a time back when
Poppa would laugh as I held his hand
And just one embrace would make my troubles pass

I thought those times would never end
The day that he left he smiled and he said,
I'll be home soon but poppa never came back...
I hear him saying

Don't be afraid to say, I love you
Take the moment and make it last
'cause if you don't tell them you love them
You might not get a second chance
...so hear them saying

....love me today (oh)

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