A place like this - a girl like you
Is all I need to get me through
I'm hypnotized when you take the stage
Table dance my blues away

From officer easy to little bo peep
She's a master of disguise
She's sugar and spice, she's naughty and nice
And she can read my dirty mind

C'mon little honey, walk this way
Strut your stuff in that lingerie
That's right, pretty momma
Give me your sunset strip
Tease me, please me, help me unwind
And I'll feed your pretty kitty one buck at a time

Bump it - grind it - blow me a kiss
I'm at your mercy when you do that sunset strip

You're a feast for hungry eyes
You could make a grown man cry
You're in control of every man
Your every wish is my command

If calamity jane doesn't drive me insane
Nurse nympho is sure to please
Then little annie fannie's gonna rock me to my knees


Keep this up and I'll blow my lid
You make me explode when you do that sunset strip
Your sunset strip has got me goin' crazy
(take it off!!!)

Oh yeah - it's just another night out with the boys
Oh baby - bring on those dancing girls
Yeah - we're all gonna leave here broke, drunk, and horny
Oh, I love you, I love you, I love you!


I've been around the world and you're the best there is
You make me feel like a king
When you're queen of the sunset strip
(take it off!!!)

The sunset strip has got me goin' crazy! (take it off!!!)

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