Lost and alone
Yet nobody knows
My magazine smile's kept prying eyes at bay

For days then for years I've shrugged off
All the tears I've tasted
I've brought down the house
A star in this masquerade

I can't find peace of mind
Till you're back - back in my arms again

I look for your face inside every crowd
I call out your name just to feel you around
The perfume you wear's still there on my clothes
I hang on each word you send me from home
It's your love that gives me wings and wind to fly
Through endless days and sleepless nights
So I do what I do to get back to you

Cold and afraid
Yeah, I've got it made
But who'd trade a life to see himself everywhere
You and I prayed for a name that's extraordinary
Neither one knew it'd come with a cross to bear

I need time to rewind
And reminisce 'till I can come home to you


All this space between us make me scared you'll drift away
Silence speaks the loudest when you don't know what to say
Fame and fortune fades, and can't remake love when it's gone
I need you to believe 'till we get back where we belong

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