If You're ready, then I'm ready
To be totally committed to You
I'm forgetting, those things behind me
(sopranos) So I can be...
(altos) So I can be...
(tenors) I can be
...committed to You

Verse 1:
Whatever You need
Lord You can use me
I'll give You my life
My heart and my soul (my, my, my soul)
I can't forget Lord
What You've done for me
By Your grace I've been changed
I'm no longer the same


Verse 2:
You never told me
That the way would be easy
You even told me
I would (Cry sometimes, but that's alright)
'Cause in my weakness
Lord You made me strong
(It may hurt for a while)
But it won't last long


(Tenors) Totally committed, totally committed
(Altos & Sopranos) Totally committed to You, Lord I'm committed

Whatever You want Jesus
Whatever You need Jesus
I promise I'll be Jesus, committed to You
I'll give You my life Jesus
No matter the price Jesus
I will (I will) I will (I will) be totally
Committed to You

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