Come with me my little innocents
there's a game that we can play
see how much we can change your world
while you look the other way
turn around as if to see
if you can catch us cheat
and all you'll find are shining presents
laid down at your feet...
take the bait..
take the bait..
take the bait..

Television is flash and Coke is nice
and you can have the rest
dream those dreams you've always had
of wealth and power and sex
we'll run your mines, your factories
and we'll take our little toll
and you can have these missiles too
while we maintain control.

Creeping, creeping footsteps around the world
around the world
while they promised us
everything we've ever wanted,ever wanted.

Hush now,don't you cry (cry)
don't you realise your crime...
your crime...
your crime...
your crime...
your crime...

Like lambs go to the slaughterhouse
we know our rights from wrongs
and we go down to the shopping-mall
with 30 silver coins
and somewhere out in South America
where the forests lie in ruin
they shout - we'd better get these natives some clothes
because their videos are coming in soon...

Creeping,creeping footsteps...

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